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Adjustable Air Pressure Replaces Springs Thank you for your interest in Airlogic Percussion bass drum pedals. Airlogic has redesigned bass drum pedal technology to offer the most innovative and responsive pedal available anywhere. In fact it has been nearly 100 years since the bass drum pedal has seen true innovation in design. Return springs have finally given way to a much more natural and responsive air technology. This air force coupled with the many other unique features make the Airlogic pedal the most advanced and technologically superior pedal on the market. We have taken great pride and care in developing and building each pedal. Every Airlogic pedal is precision machined from aircraft grade aluminum, you will not find any die cast components on an Airlogic pedal. We also use the finest bearings, hardware, and other proprietary materials we have developed that add to the overall quality of design and manufacture.

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True-Center & Cam Drive Adjustability
Chain/Belt Drive Interchangeability
100% Machined Components
Patented Design, Built in the USA

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